About Me

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I'm Jeff Stultz the owner of Studio Chyree Photography.  I've been photographing weddings for over fifteen years.  With an addiction to wedding cake this has served me well.

I began my illustrious photography career at the age of ten when my father gave me his vintage World War II camera.  I was mesmerized by the magic of this box and the ability to capture family memories.  What stuck me even more was the reaction from people when I took a great shot.  I soon realized the power of photography.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event and your photography should reflect you and your relationship.  From the details to you and your friends and family your photography should tell your story.

When not shooting weddings my passions are:

  (1) My wife

  (2) Tacos

  (3) Tacos with Diet Coke


 The next step is easy. Call or email me for my complete pricing outline.  Congratulations and I look forward to hearing from you.